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Labor / Employment / Workers Comp

Whether public or private, profit or non-profit, large or small, employers benefit from the insightful advice and successful representation that RothBlair provides. Because employment law applies to a wide range of employer activities and is constantly changing, our experience and knowledge can assist our clients with legal and business issues that arise on the spur of the moment or are planned well in advance.

The lawyers on our team collaborate with each other and draw from their collective knowledge on how to best resolve issues for clients. We can often provide assistance in the form of “legal wellness” to promote a healthy employment atmosphere, just as doctors recommend “medical wellness” to promote preventive health measures.

Areas of assistance include:

Counseling for Legal Issues

Employment policies and manuals offer a framework of expectations for all employees. Our team can assist in developing your policies for an employee manual that fits your workplace, and with implementing them when issues of application arise. In addition, we can counsel your business on Ohio and Pennsylvania Workers Compensation issues.

It is critical, after adopting policies, to educate the workforce about the expectations and opportunities provided in the framework of those policies. It is not enough to simply have a written policy against sexual harassment; the employer must communicate that policy to the employees, reinforce the expectations for the workplace, and implement the policy to correct misconduct if it occurs. This is where our lawyers are experienced in helping the employer to provide in-service training and education to reinforce for the employer the importance of a positive atmosphere in the workplace so as to foster success for all.

Human Resource Advice

Our lawyers can work with you to provide early attention to hiring issues, evaluation of performance issues, disciplinary issues and discharge issues. This also entails assistance for application of various laws in the workplace, such as Title VII, FLSA, FMLA, ADA, NLRA, etc.

Collective Bargaining

Whether bargaining a new labor contract or a successor agreement in the public or private sectors, or representing your organization in an unfair labor practice or a grievance arbitration — our team is experienced in the dynamics of the bargaining process as well as the law of the workplace. They can help anticipate and avoid issues, and help to resolve them if they do arise.

Employment Contracts

In the world of work, various contracts are applicable to employment issues. Among them is the initial employment contract, which our lawyers are experienced in negotiating and drafting. Other agreements may include non-disclosure agreements, non-competition agreements, non-solicitation agreements and the like. These are designed to protect the workplace and provide mutual benefits for both employer and employee. In concluding an employment relationship, a severance agreement, effectively negotiated and properly drafted, can be a source of comfort to both the employer and the employee by providing some certainty where uncertainty may have otherwise prevailed.

Employment Litigation

Whether representing the employer to obtain relief from a breach of contract or to protect the employer where its rights have been threatened, our lawyers are highly experienced and productive. In defending employers from charges of unlawful discrimination — whether in an administrative process or in a court of law — we have achieved proven results for our clients.