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Corporate / Business Law

Our Corporate/Business Team

Owning and operating a business can seem daunting, but it can also be rewarding and stimulating. In any case, business issues like organization, governance and contract negotiations can be intimidating. As a client, you can expect our corporate and business attorneys to become thoroughly familiar with your business goals and operations. We then draw on the full experience of a staff of attorneys to help you make wise decisions for your business — from planning to formation and onward.

Our attorneys at Roth Blair provide comprehensive legal counsel regarding all aspects of business law and commercial transactions. For nearly one hundred years, we have been providing legal services to corporations, non-profit companies and businesses of all sizes through the States of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Business Organization

Choosing the right entity can have a substantial impact on the operation of your business and exit strategies. Each type of business organization provides a different form of management and tax and liability implications. No one entity type is suitable for every kind of business or every situation, so you must thoroughly evaluate your business model, management style and goals before choosing the entity that is right for you. RothBlair attorneys provide the guidance that you need to get your business started. We can evaluate and help you choose the structure that works best for you.

Business Contracts

Contracts are the most basic building block of business relations. Our attorneys are available to assist in drafting and reviewing your important business contracts and to provide representation and support during negotiations and contract dispute litigation.

Mergers and Acquisitions

As businesses mature and develop, it sometimes becomes necessary to absorb the assets and resources of other companies in order to expand. This can be accomplished by way of an outright purchase or the combination of two business entities by merger. On the other hand, succession and estate planning may require a company to divest itself of a division or substantially all of its assets.

Roth Blair represents companies of all sizes and industries in merger, acquisition and divestiture transactions. We have considerable experience in nearly every form of a transaction, including:

  • Stock and Asset Acquisitions
  • Mergers
  • Divestitures and Corporate Spin-offs
  • Joint Ventures
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity Investments

Succession Planning

Every business owner will eventually exit and the question is “on what terms?” Business succession is specific to each client and the management teams, families and successor involved. Succession planning includes tax planning, maximizing opportunities for a successful transition, proactive planning (which includes buy-sell agreements), and financial and estate planning.


Physicians and other health care institutions and providers face industry-specific challenges during business formation and operation. Our attorneys understand the business side of the healthcare industry and can assist providers in meeting legal challenges.

Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations, whether corporations or limited liability companies, can benefit from the experience and attention of our lawyers who assist in forming and maintaining these entities. Key among the issues that arise in these organizations is that of governance. We work with and assist board members and administrators of non-profit entities to help streamline their operations and to manage effectively. Examples of entities that we assist are religious organizations, auditorium associations, preservation entities, and education organizations, etc. Non-profit entities share many of the same personnel and organizational issues as do for-profit entities. Therefore, many of the services that we provide in all of our practice areas will be applicable here as well.

Public Entities

Public entities, such as political subdivisions of the state, take many forms. Some examples are school districts, metropolitan housing authorities, metropolitan park districts, cities, townships, etc. Each has unique governing and operational issues that arise and for which our lawyers have the experience and ability to assist. Just as any other entity — whether private, for-profit or non-profit — public entities must deal effectively with employment issues, organizational issues and governance issues. We can help. Therefore, many of the services that we provide in all of our practice areas will be applicable here as well.


Our business attorneys represent clients in a broad spectrum of industries, including manufacturing, retail, consumer products, construction, insurance, health care, grocery stores, restaurants, distribution and real estate.

We represent our clients in all phases of a transaction, from structuring and planning through the due diligence, negotiation, execution, and implementation of a transaction. Our team includes attorneys with expertise in litigation, employee benefits, labor and employment, finance, real estate, intellectual property and corporate governance. This integrated team approach enables RothBlair to provide the necessary depth or expertise in a cost-effective manner.