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Commercial Real Estate / Development

For nearly every type of business, real estate is a crucial component. For property owners, managers, developers and construction companies, property issues are fundamental aspects of business. Skillful solutions to those issues are essential to success. Even if your company is not directly involved in the real estate industry, your place of business — whether purchased or leased — is an important investment. Regardless of the issues you’re facing, the attorneys at Roth Blair who concentrate on real estate and related fields can provide the counsel and support for your business needs. Our diverse law practice addresses purchase, sale and leasing transactions; development, zoning and planning; construction; financing; and the oil and gas industry.

Purchase, Sale and Leasing Transactions

Any type of real estate transaction can be complex. Our attorneys who concentrate their practices in real estate have represented buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, borrowers, lenders and investors in a variety of real estate transactions in the Valley. A complex transaction can involve a variety of parties — including buyers, sellers, lenders, tenants, government officials, engineers, architects, construction contractors, title insurance companies, surveyors, inspectors and appraisers. Our team will work with you to navigate a successful transaction with all parties.

Among other issues that may arise, Roth Blair attorneys can assist you with tax-deferred exchanges. A 1031 tax-deferred exchange is a tool that allows property holders to sell property without incurring taxes, by exchanging one piece of property for another. We will help you understand these highly technical transactions and work with qualified intermediaries to complete the transactions successfully.


Purchasing and developing real property requires a substantial amount of capital. The attorneys at Roth Blair understand how to fund major real estate transactions through financing and other capital and equity structures. We have represented lenders, borrowers and investors in major commercial and residential projects.

New and changing underwriting standards have created a more stringent due diligence process for commercial lending. Many complex financing structures involve government grants and incentives. In any economic environment, distressed real estate can create added complexity, whether through short-sales or workouts. Attorneys at Roth Blair have experience with loan forbearance transactions, loan agreement amendments, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, receiverships and subordination transactions.

The real estate attorneys at Roth Blair understand the financing options available to developers and property owners and can help them decide how best to fund their real estate needs.


In addition to the challenges inherent in simply acquiring property, development projects present their own unique issues. Development, zoning and planning issues are a part of our real estate practice at Roth Blair. We represent developers, lenders and investors in commercial, residential and industrial projects, including condominiums.


Roth Blair construction lawyers assist clients in addressing the legal challenges of commercial, residential and industrial construction. We regularly represent construction general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, homebuilders, architects, engineers and owners in the field of construction law. This breadth of experience enables us to handle the complete spectrum of issues arising before, during and after project completion.

Among other aspects of construction, our attorneys are regularly involved in construction contracts, bid protests and award disputes, contract defaults and terminations, arbitration, mechanic’s liens, insurance coverage and claim disputes, and insurance and surety claims.

Roth Blair is a member of the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of the Valley.


Our team has the experience and ability to assist developers of condominiums and/or unit owners associations. We have assisted developers by drafting the initial creation documents such as a declaration and bylaws, as well as amendments to them, such as when expanding a condominium. We assist unit Owners Associations to administer the association and the governing issues that arise from time to time as the association and its members adapt to the uniqueness of their community of mutual, and sometimes competing, interests.

Oil and Gas

In Eastern Ohio (including the Valley), Marcellus and Utica shale formations have given rise to a robust oil and gas industry. Roth Blair attorneys represent clients involved in the energy industry, including individual and large groups of landowners, agents for landowners, construction contractors, material suppliers and transportation companies. Our experience extends to oil and gas acreage, asset and entity acquisition and other oil- and gas-related ventures. We can assist you in leasing, lease renewals, regulatory guidance and financing.