The Law Firm of Roth, Blair, Roberts, Strasfeld & Lodge

Christopher P. Lacich

Admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar in 1992
Admitted to the Ohio Bar in 1993

Christopher Lacich is a shareholder/director of Roth, Blair, having joined the firm in 1997. Attorney Lacich is a member of the Pennsylvania bar (1992), the Ohio bar (1993) and the District of Columbia bar (2021). He concentrates his practice in the areas of domestic relations, defense of worker’s compensation cases for Ohio employers, cases involving complex legal issues (criminal/civil), general civil litigation, and criminal/civil appeals in Ohio and Pennsylvania. 

Notable appeals in which he has participated, and in which his clients have prevailed are: State ex. rel. Sanor Sawmill, inc. (Employer Worker’s Compensation/VSSR Issue) (Ohio Supreme Court) (2004); Bonacci v. Grenga (Domestic Relations/Child Support Worksheet Issue) (7th District Court of Appeals, Ohio) (2008); Commonwealth v. K. Stewart, 927 WDA 2013 (Criminal/PCRA/Reduction of Murder Sentence)(Pa. Superior Court) (2013); State of Ohio v. Davis (Criminal/Modification to lesser charge after remand) (7th District Court of Appeals, Ohio) (2018); Commonwealth v. Brian Tanner, (Criminal/PCRA/New Trial Awarded) Pennsylvania Superior Court (2019); Corey v. Corey (Domestic Relations/Spousal Support Issue) (7th District Court of Appeals, Ohio) (2021); Briceland v. Briceland (Domestic Relations/Enforcement of Oral Settlement Agreement Issue) (7th District Court of Appeals, Ohio) (2021); State of Ohio v. Ciresi, (Criminal/Restitution modified) 11th District Court of Appeals, Ohio (2020); State of Ohio v. Warfield (Criminal/Due Process violation, remanded for new hearing) (11th District Court of Appeals) (2022); Commonwealth v. Phillips, Lawrence County Court of Common Pleas (PCRA) (2023)(Criminal/Life without Parole reduced to 20 to 40 years), Baronzzi v. Gamble (Domestic Relations/Remanded for spousal support modification) (7th District Court of Appeals, Ohio, 12th District sitting by assignment) (2023); State of Ohio v Daryl Wayne Smith (Criminal/Conviction Reversed and Remanded)(2023); State of Ohio v Donald R. Smith (2023); State of Ohio v Austin Lemaster (2023).